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Nobile 2HD 2012 - Powerful Freeride

2012 is the second year the 2HD board is the forerunner in freeride, with increased pop through a unique pre-stressed profile. During the production process energy is “freeze and stored” in the board (pre-stressing). This energy is then available for disposal for higher jumps. This is a board for riders who demand ultimate speed and control combined with the pop for freestyle.JAMIEB

2HD’s middle flat profile makes the board extremely fast, whilst the deeper outside rocker increases grip and protects from unwanted water spray. A new outline was carefully created to make the most of the advanced pre-stress technology. Now with the redesigned outline the 2HD benefits from even more pop, faster reaction, better grip and maneuverability.

Available in:
- 131 x 40
- 134 x 42
- 137 x 42 The 2HD is an ultra fast, high-performance freeride board for demanding riders, with the following features:JAMIEB
- DoubleHydroDynamic profile increasing versatility, control and speed. - Stiff but forgiving flex
- Pre-Stress technology for improved response
- Pop Grower tech for massive jumps
- Excellent upwind and choppy water performance
- Lightweight construction
- KISS tool-free fins mounting system
- 55mm G10 Epoxy fins
- 3 years warranty against breakage
Supplied with orange 2014 kiss foorpad set
To increase safety and comfort, Nobile have designed custom air chambers in the footpads which deforms a little on landing to absorb the impact, bfore returning rapidly to it's normal shape. The IFS Pro now also feature KISS "Click & Go” mounting system. It takes just few seconds to mount/demount. Put the pad in most suitable position, twist the nut by your hand so it's tight, click it, and you're ready to go. .

• Ergonomic 3D footbed and straps shaping • Shock absorbing air chambers inside the footpad • Multiple mounting positions • High grip texture • Dual Velcro strap system • Quick and easy, one hand adjustment • High visibility, “rescue orange” coloring • KISS „Click & Go” mounting system JAMIEB

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