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Neil Pryde X1 Boom
Neil Pryde X1 BoomNeil Pryde X1 Boom

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Neil Pryde X1 Boom - Aluminium Boom

The X1 is an all-aluminium boom, featuring innovative technology to obtain one of the stiffest products on the market.

Key Features
Neil Pryde booms have several features, those key to the X3 are listed below.
• Monocoque body construction. The whole body of the boom is made out of one piece of tubing for optimum weight to strength ratio.
• Plastic over-moulded head for smooth finish and alignment of the boom head.
• NeilPryde VT joint to allow a perfect fit on a large variety of masts.

Comes with a NeilPryde mast shim for use with RDM masts. The X1 has so many features designed to make it one of the best in the aluminium boom market, each of these innovative features are explained below. Grab a coffee, you'll be here a while!...

The Mast Cup
The mast cup interior of the VT-Joint creates a V shape that accommodates variation in standard mast diameters. The V shape provides a second point of contact between the cup and the mast creating a tighter connection and a greater transmission of power. Slightly thinner masts simply sit further into the V while fatter ones sit lower down.

X1 - Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
X3 - Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
X9 - Oversized mat cup in forged carbon composite material

Mast Shim
All X3 and X9 140 and 160 booms and X1 140 and 165 booms are delivered with a clickable RDM mast shim.

Aerodynamic Boom Lever
For reduced surface area and lighter weight.

Twin-Pin Lever Actuated Trim Lock Adjustment System
Featured on all booms for ease of adjustment (except the X9 race booms). The Twin-Pin design provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end.

The X1 is available in 2 sizes. The specifications are shown below.


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