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2015 Neil Pryde Racing LT 2016

RS:Racing LT1 is designed on the concept of real world racing. With a resurgence in slalom racing and continuing trends in long distance and GPS sailing, the LT1 brings World Cup-winning RS:Racing EVO technology to a wide range of performance minded sailors. RS:Racing LT1 takes the racing pedigree of the RS:Racing EVO sail and builds it into a high performance yet user-friendly slalom package. It features a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, stability and exceptional rotation at every gybe. RS:Racing LT1 is an evolution of the RS:Slalom MK6 sail.

Three cams on bottom battens for all sizes – one cam less than the EVO. Less cams make for a softer and lighter rig with smooth rotation, excellent handling during gybes and more user-friendly rigging and derigging.30% narrower sleeve for soft forgiving feeling and a lighter sailing weight while retaining low-end performance. Water starts are made easier and a little bit less downhaul will be required, as the leech will open with less tension. 100% composite batten construction. Fully tubular batten construction with three-piece battens used in bottom four positions for best balance between profile stability, light weight and durability.FLX100 and FLX70 compatible for flexibility and performance adjustment.

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