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JP Thruster Quad 2017 PRO On Offer!

JP Thruster Quad 2017 PRO On Offer!

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2017 JP Thruster Quad Pro

True All Round Wave
-> THE true wave all-rounder can be tagged as "one-board-suits-all-wave-conditions". It offers a huge range of use as is great fun in small waves and also performs in big rollers. Additionally you follow our team riders by optimizing its performance at every spot on the Wave World Tour by fin tuning.
Compared to the Slate, this all-rounder has a gunny appearance resulting in an easy, very reliable, traditional wave board feel. Its predictability and control in a wide range of conditions are its strengths
The Thruster Quad is a fast and exciting board which builds up speed rapidly and feels lively and exciting. The speed potential comes from the flat bottom line inside the concaves under the foot straps lifting the board onto the plane early and accelerating rapidly. You can exploit its velocity in all water states to launch off every wave to insane height and thus it even qualifies as bump and jump high wind board.
This season the boards come with a smaller tail fin and bigger side fins resulting in more grip and drive. The additional rear tail fin boxes allow to experiment with a quad setup for additional control and tighter turns.
British WINDSURF's final statement is that it "rewards positive rider input with bags of speed and energy, offering a unique blend of traditional familiar feel and cutting edge response". French WIND likes its "efficiency and versatility in onshore and down-the-line waves".




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