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2016 Magic Ride - manoeuver orientated freeride

The new modern freeride boards perform better in all aspects than the first generation. But they really excel regarding ease of use, accessibility and maneuverability. Overall, they are so balanced in every aspect of sailing that you wonder why you would ever want something different.

Available in three construction technologies
PRO = PRO EDITION Technology

These extra wide, short and thin freeride boards have been extended to 6 models. Just like in the past they all plane unbelievably early and jibing has never been easier. They are super stable, yet the only ones in their class to provide an electrifying feel and lively ride.
The 4 new designs target to improve performance and handling in lighter winds. The 119 and 130 now are clearly sportier compared to their predecessors, while the all-new 142 and 154 are biased towards forgiveness, comfort and ease. They newbies are narrower with a straighter outline improving ease of planing and directional stability and speed, flying over chop smoothly and effortlessly.
All boards feature a double concave Vee flowing into a flat Vee towards the tail, lifting the boards onto the plane instantly: You don’t need to pump or use a special technique – just sheet in, plane and enjoy! As a consequence, you will get away with a smaller sail and about 10-15 L less volume compared to traditional freeride shapes. They will feel like the smallest boards of this width that you have sailed on .
Jibe tight or wide. Thin rails in combination with low overall thickness make them turn incredibly easy: They pretty much jibe by themselves. Push the rail and they will carve predictably, smooth and easy. No matter if you are just starting to jibe and need forgiveness from your board or if you want sportiness to push your own carving limits or pull off classic freestyle moves.
FREE: Predator board bag with all new boards!

Double Heel Pad
Twinser Quad, Single Thruster, Young Gun Quad, Young Gun 85 6 + 4 mm = 10mm pads in the heel area Great shock absorbing effect – very comfortable. Your heels are higher on the boardfor more power and control on your forefoot. Initiating turns is really easy.

Double Comfort Pads
Freestyle Wave, Freestyle, All Ride, X-Cite Ride, Super Sport, Young Gun Freestyle 6 + 4 mm = 10mm pads in the actual standing area provide unbelievable shock absorption and comfort. Even after sailing in super choppy conditions your joints will not hurt anymore.

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