Vapor II kite on offer… beat the price rises before the season starts

January 22nd, 2009 by in Surfstore News

The price rises are coming…

vapor II

It’s happening in a lot of industries, as the UK sterling falls to an absolute low on the world markets. The Dollar is now worth an unbeliveable 1.37 this morning compared to the 2.02 high of last summer. The end result is that prices are set to rise. Cabrinha issued a new pricelist this morning and Naish tell me that a 12m torch will be around the £1250 region for 2009.

With this in mind it would be wise to invest in a quiver now with the stock that was bought last summer. Some of these kites are on offer, like the Vapor II and the Nobile kites. This means that unlike years previous, current or last years models are now half the retail price of their new alternatives.

The Vapor II is a much loved kite, one of the industries favourites from the last 2 years. With the press release of the Vapor III, the Vapor II is now 15% off, and the new price of the vapor III may well hit £1250. With this in mind it’s making the offer kites look very cheap at £765. It’s a cracking kite, precise, easy, versatile and well built, that will last you years…

The concept of the Vapor II is that of “a kite that maintains the steering characteristic of a high performance C-Kite with a new level of extended wind range and static depower traditionally only found in bridled kites. Excellent for all level of riding from dedicated wave riding to dedicated freestyle.” For 2008 the unhooked freestyle potential has been increased with increased stability in smaller sizes and increased speed in the large. An additional 8.5 size was introduced also.

Airush have always been good with backup and service over the years, but in the last two we have really seen a great increase in their level of build quality. The new Vapor II is their second generation design and the quality of fitting, reinforcement and material strength is the best we have seen so far.

Airush elaborate:
“The best performance kites need to remain as light as possible while still surviving the abuse of radical kiteboarders. For 2008 we have focused on increased durability through improved load transfer from the wingtips, additional seam reinforcing in all high-load canopy areas, and redesigned strut connections to the canopy and LE. All these major improvements are combined with attention to the smallest details, compliments of our extensive network of schools and test programs.”

vapor II