Nobile NHP 2010 now in stock

January 22nd, 2010 by in Surfstore News

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Nobile NHP Kites now in stock!!!

So we’ve been waiting for these a little longer than we would of liked but there here now and I managed to get a quick hour on the 12m last night before it got dark.

Conditions were far from perfect to be testing a new kite with gusts and loads of holes but I was really impressed.

Pumped the kite up in a hurry as I only had 30 minutes untill sunset which was easy with the single inflation system, ran the lines out which was quick and easy as the 2010 NHP now has a 4 line set up.

Got the G/F to give me a quick launch and then I was straight out into the big swell of South Shields. The kite performed brilliantly in the iffy conditions, always had plenty of power with constant pull but never felt overpowered even in the heavy gusts.

I thought it was quick enough through the sky and manoeuvrable so it could pull me out of trouble when some of the big rollers came through.
My real suprise was the lift, just fired it to the top of the window and a little pop off the water and I was away with some impressive hang time with not too much input.

As I say this was a real quick shot so no real time to try some big tricks or get a massive amout of unhooking on the go but im sure there is plenty more that this kite has to offer.

Anyone interested who would like more info, only too happy to help.