New Tushingham Edge 2012

September 9th, 2011 by in Surfstore News
Tushingham Edge 2012

Tushingham Edge 2012

Tushingham’s all new freestyle/wave crossover sail has just been released, let me introduce you to the “Edge” – formerly the “Wedge”.

Tushingham say:

“The Edge will appeal to windsurfers who appreciate a more manoeuvre orientated design.

The light four-batten layout is perfect for a more throwabout style. Straight-cut foot for under-boom moves, the Edge is tuned to deliver instant on/off power and a balanced feel. The natural choice for “expression” windsurfers in waves and on flat water.

Lighter weight riders and freestylers will appreciate the Edge’s easy handling qualities, equally as happy busting the most insane tricks or gently cruising around.”

There was much hype surrounding Tushingham’s mystery sail, we now know it to be the Edge, and it’s now available to order online here.