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// 2015 Attitude Source - freeride performance

Whether you’re forming a new habit or re-kindling an old love, the Source is a true freeride sail in the key sizes for driving a wide range of boards. Super light to sail, easy handling & fast on the plane, simple to tune with no concession on build quality and durability. A stable profile to optimise wind range was achieved by adding a sixth batten for maximum stability in the 6.4 and 7.2 sizes. Stability and smooth power delivery is paramount to its performance. The Source will give you confidence to push your boundaries and focus on having fun.

Uk Windsurf Magazine July 2014
Attitude Sails Source test: "A balanced and well-behaved sail with outstanding, compact manoeuvrability and stunning wind range."
"A confidence-inspiring creation for everyday sailors wanting unbelievable bang for the buck"

Compatible with mast with flex top bend curve
Attitude Sails are current for 2014 and 2015

1 Anti Deformation Stringer:2 Eva tack and deck protector: 3 Double clew eyelets: 4 3d Moulded top protection:
5 PVC footstrip: 6 Mast Sleeve Opener: 7 Batten protection: 8 Boom Height Indicators

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