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Airush DNA Juice Kiteboard package 2016


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// Airush DNA and Juice Package

The DNA, when combined with the Analog bar and the Juice evolution, make for a very capable package. Hassle free set up and impeccable manners with responsive but not aggressive handling both board and kite use all the technology of the most acclaimed products in the range.
The Juice Evolution is a multi-discipline twin tip series with an evolutionary history dating back to the very beginnings of the sport. Premium construction techniques, cutting edge material technology and industry leading designs make for a hugely popular board series. Designed in the UK for UK conditions. Packages comes with DNA kite, Analogue bar, Juice Evolution, complete with foot pack and all fittings. All you need is Wetsuit, harness and water!

The DNA Package comprises:
- DNA kite in a choice of 8, 10, 12, 14m
- Juice board in a choice of 130 x40cm; 132 x 42cm; 134x 44cm
- Analogue 2015 control bar
The DNA Kite
Is a very similar kite to the Lithium kite - voted one of the worlds best freeride kites. It's high performance but very easy to use. A little more power in the DNA and a little more stability with a few less bells and whistles to keep the costs down it's a kite that many experts buy when they are on a budget! For the beginner it's excellent, and is one of the most popular teaching kites in the world, not because of it's price but because of it's suitability and ease of resale..

The Juice Kiteboard
The Juice Evolution is a board designed and developed in the UK for the UK. For all kiteboarding styles it's a very impressive board from first session to the highest standards of rider ability. Compliant in chop with tiered flex and a stiff core to give it exceptional power range from underpower to overpower. It's outline is tuned to maximise both heel and toeside riding. It works fantastically well in chop, hammers upwind, suits weights from 55kg to 100kg and is built with the strongest technology known to the industry. In 2 years we have had no structural failures, that's quite a record to be proud of. Fittings are second to none, and the board shape itself makes use of all the technology currently available, from central concave to the 3d upper deck mould.

The Analogue bar
Is the Package's control bar for the kite. This bar has been finely honed over 6 years now and has a reliable and versatile reputation. Suitable on all kites from 6-14m2 with an adjustment mechanism for the rear line position it has a tried and tested safety system call the "brain" that has proven highly effective in schools and private hands year after year. It's compartmentalised should anything need replacing and offers the best geometry for all kites in the Airush range. Super easy set up, extremely predictable, instant relaunch with all the most advanced safety systems. The focus of the DNA is to make the best kite possible for riders entering into kiteboarding. The DNA boasts a super easy set up, extremely predictable, instant relaunch with all the safety systems found in our entire range. This kite is essential to first time riders.
Not only predictable, the DNA takes the platform from the award winning Lithium to guarantee that this kite has the ability to grow with your progression from the very beginning to end. Freeride, Jumping and Wave Riding are all found in the DNA.
For 2015, the DNA adds Double Rip Stop canopy and enhanced structural integrity through the trailing edge that is resistant to continual impacts while riding.

//Key features
- Plug and Play simplicity
- Instant Depower and wide wind range
- Increased Dacron Paneling in Trailing Edge
- Thicker Leading Edge for Structural Stability in Gusty Conditions
- Double Rip Stop Canopy
- New Oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System)
- Individual Strut Inflation

Airush 2015 DNA 4m - Kite only - 45cm bar size recommended.
Airush 2015 DNA 6m - Kite only - 45cm bar size recommended.
Airush 2015 DNA 8m - Kite only - 45cm bar size recommended.
Airush 2015 DNA 10m - Kite only - 45cm bar size recommended.
Airush 2015 DNA 12m - Kite only - 55cm bar size recommended.
Airush 2015 DNA 14m - Kite only - 55cm bar size recommended.

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